Jewish Woman Power

Jewish Partnership Online, the Partnership 2000 eZine hosted by Professor Gil Troy, highlights Jewish values in the Partnership setting. This  episode showcases how the Beit Shean-Cleveland Partnership empowers women leaders and builds a network of bridges between the two communities.


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  1. Kol haKavod on the video highlighting women’s empowerment in the Beit Shean area.

    Our partnership – Beit Shemesh – Mateh Yehuda – Washington – South Africa has been running women’s empowerment programs for over 5 years and can help other Partnerships to find suitable programs for their local women. Examples of our projects include:

    Courses for starting one’s own business and empowerment for beginners – a year long course run by the Amuta Economic Empowerment for Women, supported by Partnership 2000 and the Beit Shemesh Municipality. The course take place for an entire year and includes instruction in large groups as well as business consulting in small groups. Over 100 women have participated in this course and many now run their own businesses.

    Courses for more advanced business women were run in 2008 and 2009 that were holistic in nature – focusing on the business aspect but also on the personal and spiritual aspects of the women involved. 40 women participated in this fabulous course.

    A women’s BUSINESS FORUM was formed with graduates of the above classes and has been meeting since January 2009. The women meet once every 3 weeks for networking, support and learning subjects related to their businesses.

    Israel 15 Vision project also ran a conference for women entreprenerus in June 2010. 80 women participated in the conference and are now submitting proposals for projects. Very exciting!

    Feel free to contact me for more information.

    Brenda Ganot
    Project manager – Economic and community development subcommittee, and women’s empowerment projects

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